Pictures, graphics, charts, infographics, motion graphics, ebooks, and more.


Targeted written content for blog articles, landing pages, ebooks and print materials.

Customized Ongoing Content


High-Definition video recording for TV, social media, YouTube, and websites.


We’ll help you link your website content internally and to your social media and other external accounts.

The most important part of a website’s SEO strength is consistent ongoing content. It’s the same story for social media. The more consistently you post, the more content you have and the more likely platforms like Google and Facebook are to show you to their users. Make the content interesting to outsiders and they will be willing to look at it.

The hardest part for business owners is to regularly post to their website and social media. The busier businesses grow, the harder it is to find time to record footage, write articles and even take pictures. Lead Maker Media will help you with your content creation. We can even meet you on-site to shoot footage while you and your teamwork, so that you don’t have to break up your busy schedule to be able to fiddle with cameras lights or computers.

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